Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dates and train trips


Too many goings and comings of too many people have led to major date confusion. Llara missed a train and confused her return date to Boston. I totally lost control of people coming and going to/from the wedding and even a friend coming to Geneva told me Sunday the 26 only he was arriving the Monday 26th. At least it's not just my DNA that has date confusion.


As I was composting my ticket (date stamping a ticket in a machine) I realised that my Carte Senior which gives me everything half price had expired. The Argelès train station hadn't open. Fortunately there was no conductor on the train. In fact, there were no conductors on any of the three trains so I needn't have worried.


I thought I was in the wrong station. It has been completely redone since I was there. Now the toilets don't require a map to find. The best news was that my favourite cookie place in Carcassonne has an outlet in the train station. Sadly it too was closed, but next time I'm through, I'll definitely be a customer.

It didn't long to buy my new Carte Senior in the bright new sales office so I would be legal with my reduced priced ticket.


There's now a Starbuck's in the Lyon train station. However, I stuck with my St. Paul's sandwich. As I was thinking all the trains were on time in this voyage (sometimes train schedules are a suggestion) were on time, they announced a delay of the Geneva train, but it was only five minutes late.

My daughter did get the date I was coming back right so she was at the station. I'm just sorry I had no cookies to give her, but then again, I'm not sure they would have survived the trip.

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