Sunday, December 01, 2013

Scooby 2 causes a panic

J and I came home from the Library meeting, opened the hall closet and there was Lady Leopard

She wasn't sure why LL was there, and went into the kitchen.

"Have you found him?" LL asked.


"Scooby 2, he ran away again."

I offered to help her look. Upstairs, I heard muffle sounds coming from my closet.

Herr Hare was up on the top shelf. "I can't get down," he said. "I was able to jump up, but I'm afraid to get down."

"Do you know where Scooby 2 is?" I asked.

The rabbit looked disgusted. "That's why I'm here. When I get ahold of the mutt, he'll regret this. And Petite Cougar is missing, too."

There was more muffled noise coming from my drawer. I opened it only to see a hopping (excuse the expression Herr Hare) mad PC. "My son shut the drawer on me and I couldn't push it open. He's grounded for a week and no dog biscuits."

I wasn't sure what to say. I thought I'd Skype Rick on the third floor to see if he had any ideas, but when I turned on my laptop guess who I saw peeking over the top...

That pup is BIG, BIG, BIG trouble.

Of course, Rick may have another version of this on his blog. or not. He was laughing a bit too much about this all.

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