Monday, November 09, 2015

He's out of the pantry

My husband Rick has come out of the pantry (not out of the closet).

To say before we got together three years ago that he was a finicky eater is like comparing a dust bunny to the universe.

When we met at a conference decades ago in Missouri, he looked shocked when I order catfish. 

However, he has changed out of necessity and I take credit. I come from a family where meals were of major importance partially to share our doings but also to discuss food. I love to eat and with one or two exceptions will try anything.

He not only learned to try new things, likes some more than many, but decided it wasn't fair for me to make all our obligatory sit-down-and-share-lunches together.

He has learned to go on line, find recipes and produce some good meals. He has also learned to improvise with what is in the pantry. 

Today's luscious lunch, along with my husband, was out of the pantry.

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