Sunday, November 15, 2015

liar liar

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The temptation to throw my iPad across the room as I listened to the statement of the spokesperson for the US House Ways and Means Committee on the BBC broadcast about the damage being done to 8.7 expat Americans, accidental Americans and Green card holders was almost irresistible. 

What stopped me? 

I am too cheap to buy a new one.

Here's what she said:

"The US treasury has worked tirelessly to address many of the problems and most have been resolved. All you have to do is to look at how many countries have agreed to the law and how many financial institutions have signed it onto the law."

Was she nuts, ignorant or a liar?

The broadcast went on to tell Fabian's story, an Accidental American who had the misfortune to be  born in California and didn't even know he was American. He pointed out he lived and worked in France and didn't even speak English.

However for his bank and other French banks the fact he was born in the US is enough to shut him out of the system. He has no way to pay his bills.

To renounce he must have a SS number and that can take months. He will also have to file five years of back taxes to a country where he hasn't been for decades, which requires the help of expensive accountants with special knowledge. Then he will have to spend $2,350 for his freedom from a country that claims to be the land of the free. Of course this can take months or even years and in the banking ability.

Jane,who lived in France for years, did know she was American but didn't expect a bank screen to flash in red NO AMERICANS. 

Meanwhile because of the unique US citizen-based taxation she is double taxed on her small pension and like Fabian will need to spend a large part of her income to free herself.

She said about her need to renounce to survive financially, "I am proud of being American: it is what I am when I look in the mirror and if it weren’t for FATCA I’d never do this. It is breaking me in half." 
She used the word "extortionist" to describe what the US was doing to her.

If these were the only two stories that would be one thing, but this scenario is being enacted all over the world because of FATCA.

As for the second big lie....

The other big lie told by the Way and Means spokesperson was about how happily everyone is signing on and complying.

Of course the banks are complying. They face up to 30% seizure of their assets and being shut out of the international markets if they don't.  

No one has asked the banks around the world how happy they are to be spending billions to be in compliance with the bully US.

Liar, ignorant or nuts? I say all three.


Victoria FERAUGE said...

Well said, Donna.

I was also floored by the government (non) response.

Silly me, what else did I expect? They aren't listening and they don't care to. All is well in their world, right? And they aren't going to concede so much as an inch.

Good to know. Saves me the trouble of going off and trying to pester them again. :-)

Tim said...
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Tim said...

What bothers me is that when I that I call for that US government spokesperson to have their employment terminated I am told I am mean and harsh and that government spokesperson is a government civil servant who cannot be fired. Besides that government civil servant has religiously devout views in favor of FATCA and CBT and I am persecuting that government civil servant for there views. For example I know the IRS Deputy Commissioner of LB&I Douglas O'Donnell is very dismissive of the anti FATCA lawsuit in Canada that myself and others have launched(I have been told this by the Canadian Government. However, I "can't" call for O'Donnell's termination because he is civil service and civil service "can't" be fired or something like that.