Friday, November 13, 2015

Your wife is an idiot

Both Rick and I sometimes do dumb things even though we consider ourselves fairly intelligent. Too bad we aren't professors, so we could make ourselves into the cliché of absent-minded ones.

We also have a no pussyfooting rule where we bring up topics of things we've done wrong, are worrying or might be a cause for concern. We also have a we-do-not-discuss list that most of the dumb things that grows with each day.

Rick often starts with the phrase "Your husband is an idiot" when he has forgotten something.

However this morning, he asked "What is a brush doing in the pitcher?" 

I looked. "Your wife is an idiot."

This is the first time I used the juicer since we moved. I made carrot, apple, coriander, juice for breakfast. I had not noticed the cleaning brush in the pitcher when I set it up. The juice was great. 

I am not sure that the brush added any vitamins though.

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