Monday, November 02, 2015

It is your fault

My husband never accuses me of anything, so when he said, "It's your fault," I was a bit taken back. It was early morning and we were still in bed. We'd been planning the day.


"You worked for the IEC. You failed to solve the plug problem."

I did work for the International Electrotechnical Commission which writes electrical safety standards. I used to joke in the morning when I went to work that "I am making the world safe for electricity." They do wonderful work in standardizing electrical safety in almost every product imaginable EXCEPT plugs.

There were just too many vested interests and no country was willing to change all its electrical outlets much less every country.

Meanwhile we are always looking for adapters between our French, Swiss and American plugs. And there is nothing like that moment of panic when we arrive back in Switzerland or France to discover we don't have the right adapter for our computers.

Thus one of the stops today was to pick up adapters so all our appliances would work in our new flat.

I don't think he really blamed me for not solving the plug problem.

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