Friday, November 06, 2015

The search begins

 Scenes of where we started our flat search.

We have started the search for a flat in the city of Geneva itself. It has been wonderful for years to be in the country, but for the future, my love of city life is calling louder.

For one thing, we will no longer need a car. After decades of being carless and then having one for a couple of years, it would be nicer to not need one. We will probably leave the car we have in France and when it dies, it won't be replaced. We did pay 2500 Euros for it and has served us well, but it is, well, still a car and thus an annoyance.

I prefer to have everything within footstep range of all the things I want and need: the pharmacy, the grocery, the post, the movies, museums without wasting time getting into a car and driving. Makes going out at night easier as well.

And like Boston, Geneva has many green spots, the lake is still in easy access and if it isn't around the corner a quick hop on the tram and we are there.

Our search will be hampered by the number of places vs. the larger number of flat seekers.

Today, we looked at a small place in Carouge, one of the neighborhoods where I would love. It has been settled since the middle ages but was built up starting in January 1786 By the King of Sardonia Victor Amadeus III. That I had a dog named Amadeus does add to the connection.

Carouge is also a bit bohemian, a bit funky. There are theatres and museums, green spaces, a marché.

The flat we saw has about five other people looking at it. It was a bit too small for our needs so we won't go thru the application process where the owner will survey all the applicants and pick one. Also an immediate move is a bit more than I can face.

But it does give Rick a chance to understand the process.

We are not locked into Carouge, there are two of three other neighborhoods that appeal to us. Wherever we settle, and there is no rush, because we are happy and cozy in our studio for the moment, we will be happy. It is just the way we are. 

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