Friday, December 18, 2015


I am a surface neat freak. Everything must be what I think is its place and preferably lined up. We won't discuss closets that could cause burial if doors are opened too quickly.

Thus if Llara or Julia walked into my bedroom and saw this pile they would think someone else was staying here.

The reason?

I'm in this middle of moving. And I need to empty closets to decide what:
  • Stays in the new place in Switzerland
  • Goes to Argel├Ęs
  • Gets given to charity
  • Hits the trash bin
It make no sense to put stuff into a closet to take it out.

However, because of the mess I can't find anything.

Rick comes in and picks it up almost as fast as Julia would be able to. She's still the find lost stuff champion. He resists saying ALMOST always "In front of your face."

I'll be glad to be settled.

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