Monday, December 14, 2015

DST ends again

I have often said that setting the clocks back makes the day it is done my favorite. 

I think I've bee given another hour of life. I only change the clocks back in the afternoon when I say to whoever is willing to humor me, "Oh, it is only 4 o'clock, we have time to (fill in the blank).

Today, it was clock setting back again.

We've moved back into my former home for two weeks while my ex-housemate/current friend goes on a cruise to cat sit and house guard. 

I woke at eight in the morning, read for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to get up. We've been so busy, the idea of a slow Monday morning was a delight.

Rick came in, asked the time and we decided to skip breakfast because by the time we ate it would be time to go to lunch.

He then went to check his e-mail.

"It's an hour earlier than you said," he told me.

Seems the clock in my old bedroom hadn't been changed. 

I had a longer morning with an extra hour. That makes twice this year I've won extra time in a day.


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