Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why oh why

I'm a minimalist...

I don't like gadgets because they equal clutter.

My husband is testing it with wanting things like pizza cutters and ice cream scoops when scissors and a spoon are just as good.

This is not an issue that will put our relationship in jeopardy.

At least he doesn't want a hamburger press (I have two hands) or something to cook hot dogs when a pan will do.

On the other hand a kitchen without a food processor makes cooking not as pleasant  because it does the work of lots of gadgets, and I love my slow pot cooker. It gets lots of use. Maybe a reader will consider this extra or clutter.

When we rented the flat in Argelès it came fully equipped and thus there are duplicates. I figure we can get rid of about 40% of what is in the kitchen.

And we finally settle on a flat in Geneva maybe some of the Argelès stuff will come in, but I want to be very careful there is nothing extra.

Maybe clutter is in the eye of the beholder.

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