Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tails and terrorists

"That woman has a tail." My husband's head swiveled before returning to the road. He was driving me to the eye doctor.

"Escalade," I said.

He understood.

Escalade is the Geneva's celebration of stopping an attack by the French in 1602. People dress in costume both modern and of the period. Is not unusal to see men in armor and on horse back.

Vin chaud and hot vegetable soup are on sale for those that watch the parades and demonstrations.

Marmites filled with marzipan veggies are on sale to commemorate Mère Royaume's throwing a pot of boiling soup on the French trying to scale the city wall giving her time to alert the soldiers.

This year, there is a slight pall over the weekend fête. Geneva is under a terrorist watch. They have already found two people, whom they think are connected to the Paris bombings. Explosives were in the car.

Geneva, with its UN organizations, could make a desirable target. It is French speaking and the French are bombing Syria in the never ending retaliation cycle.

However, the celebration has not been cancelled. We are not going, not out of fear but more because of my energy level. 

Still 500+ years after the attack by the French, that man is still trying to kill, maim and destroy is sad. Yesterday's enemy is today's friend and tomorrow's enemy again. Usually it is all a power game.

The tail that Rick saw was part of a cat costume. As long as man is so stupid to go to war, maybe it should be on a devil instead. 

Yesterday's evil, today's evil and sadly probably tomorrow's. It doesn't matter which side, it is all evil. Only now it is evil with better weapons.

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