Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bisous de ASM

I received a thinking-of-you card from my favorite Argelès (AMS) Mamie complete with hand drawn flowers and a note.

She is only a year or two older, but our lives have been totally different except for producing daughters.

She's spent most of her life in ASM and the area. I've lived in four countries. Her career was raising her family, mine was professional, but I don't say this in a superior way. She has wisdom that exceeds mine-her education is of the heart and soul. I am still working on wise.

Both of us are creative. The front of her house is decorated, not by store bought decorations but by things she's made herself. We both knit, but she knows how to crochet, nothing I've ever mastered.

She was so happy to tell me that the 13th century church at the end of the street had a Thursday mass in English even though we communicate in French--her accent is Catalan, mine is American.

When we left ASM a couple of months ago for Geneva and final radiation treatments, she instructed Rick to take care of me.

In the card she sent her love to both of us.

We will see her soon. Inshallah.

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