Friday, March 25, 2016

Darn...the sun is shining

It always happens to us. We want rain and it is sunny.

Last year we went to Andorra for a writing week. 

We thought it would be rainy. We imagined pots and pots of tea in a cozy flat as we hammered out our stories on the computer to the beat of raindrops on the windows. 

Instead every day was beautiful and much too beautiful too stay in. Yes we did enjoy the beautiful mountains, a game of golf, eating on terraces, all fun, but we came home with little progress on our books.

Now we have a similar problem. They predicted 90% chance of rain today, the first in the four-day Easter holiday.

What happened? 

Darn, only a sprinkle followed by sun.

We are leaving Geneva on Wednesday for a few weeks. We need a good rainy day before we go and it doesn't look like it is going to happen.


I'm working on a video, Journaling thru Crisis. We shot the La Sirene, a mermaid statue on the lake on a beautiful day for the opening of the video. As part of the story board I need a contrasting storm, although my good friend has a photo she will let me use with the statue covered in ice.

Sunday they say there's a 100% chance. I hope they are right, but only long enough so we can get our footage. 

After that the sun can come out for everyone's Easter.

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