Monday, March 21, 2016

Books, fire engines and silver dots

10th Geneva Writers Group Conference
March 18-20
  • 200+ writers from 11 countries at last look
  • 9+ instructors, panelists
  • 4 work shop choices from a larger selection on almost every aspect of writing
  • Incredible synergy
  • Passion for craft
Writing can be lonely even if my husband is a writer and we share our work, problems and successes. Thus being surrounded by 200 other writers in various stages of their writing careers was one of a list of joys I felt being at the conference. There were so many little moments
  • A hug from an old friend
  • A quick conversation with a new one
  • A "click" moment when someone said something that increased understanding
  • Discovery of something new
  • Rediscovery of something old
  • A sense of sharing 
  • Shared passions
Even though I'm a published writer I hope I am always trying to improve my craft.  My workshop leaders were dynamic although their presentation styles were different. It was content that counted and it counted big time. I wanted to rush to my computer after each one and write, write, write.

The book store sold books by attendees and instructors. There was a wide selection of genres showing the diversity of the people at the conference.

It was a bit of a shock to show up Sunday morning at Webster University where the conference was being held to see fire engines. Although it wasn't a problem,  one attendee said that seeing the "hunky firemen" was an extra added plus to the conference.

We had two dinner meals with the tables decorated with silver dots. Another attendee and I started playing with them, turning them into hearts squares, stars, stick figures. My husband donated his dots. Now that's a good conversational ice breaker.

 I love pain surpris. Each layer of sandwiches is different... A perfect ending to a perfect conference.

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