Saturday, March 12, 2016

Train chats

One of the things I love the most about train travel is the chance to meet interesting people. Over the years I've found:
  1. An economist
  2. A Chinese student whom I'm still in touch with
  3. An acrobat from Ringling Brothers
  4. A Jewish survivor who was hidden in WWII
  5. A woman who had a specialized jam factory
  6. A nun in lay clothing
  7. Many, many more
This trip a young Asian couple got on Fribourg. We began talking. 
They are refugees.

I asked them what they liked about being here.

"We have human rights," the man said and told how he was afraid to talk with friends and family back home be phone or computer. "The police come," he said.

We exchanged examples of politeness. He said back home he could look equals in the eye, but with superiors his eyes must be downcast.

When we arrived in Bern we folded our hands in prayer position and bowed, a sign of respect they probably for Rick's and my age, and us for their courage.

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