Thursday, April 28, 2016

Capers and me

I had my first caper the day after I bought my nest. The aunt of my French friend who had helped me buy the studio made a very tasty salmon and caper pizza. 

Lovely woman, but she did ask my friend if it was American table manners to keep one's hand in their lap. I had followed French table manners and used a fork and knife on the pizza.

I was hooked but didn't get a chance to eat them that much until I moved to Europe in 1990. 

Jars of tiny capers are easily available, but J, with whom I shared a house for 11 years, often had the giant capers for our celebrations or even our DVD nights. They are extra good.

I had found some tiny ones for a meal I made the other day. But not the big ones.

Then on Facebook someone had posted a photo of a meal that a friend had made and there were BIG CAPERS on one of the dishes. We messaged. She had bought them on one of her forays into Spain. Okay, I thought next time I go down to Spain.

Then when we had our regular marché meetup, the same friend who cooked with the big capers was there. Out of her bag of goodies she produced a small container with a red top and insider were...

Trumpets and drum rolls...


They were lucky to survive to have their picture taken.

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Stephanie Gaunt said...

I too love big capers - have only ever found them in a little shop miles from anywhere in Kefalonia.... They must be easier to find, surely....