Sunday, April 24, 2016

Peanut butter cookies

My daughter loves to bake. I never discouraged her.

My former housemate J, loves to bake. I never discouraged her either and luxuriated in the wonderful smells coming up the stairs.

In both cases eating their products was the best part of their passion.

I do bake, but not with much passion. Christmas cookies, yes, teaching my young neighbor how to make brownies (J. could have done it better). I use to make an annual apple pie for my late neighbor with a family bird cookie cutter, going back several generations, decorating the pie. And I made a pumpkin pie for our Swedish friends who were curious. It was a success.

I thought I'd make peanut butter cookies to welcome Rick home from his business trip.

My oven is strange. The temperature seemed to vary. What was on the dial was different from the thermometer. At one point the temperature went up and up producing burned cookies without me touching it. I like well done cookies, however, this was OTT.

I did succeed in getting enough for Rick when he comes. And the well done ones, I will eat. As for
 the batch that turned black? They can be saved and used for charcoal  in our BBQ.


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