Thursday, April 07, 2016


My favorite Mamie (one of the old women in the French village where we have our second home) stopped me on the street.

Although I have been in Geneva for he past 10 months being treated for cancer, we stayed in contact with notes and cards.

One of the photos I sent her was when I bought my wig...not the one in the photo, which I had tried on for fun.

"I prayed for you every day," she told me. "I took your photo with me. The one with the old-fashioned wig."

She smiled. "I was praying one day for you and dropped the photo."  She stopped to smile. "The priest picked it up and asked about it. I told him."

I was wondering what the priest was thinking.

"He prayed for you with me."

"It worked," I told her. 

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