Sunday, April 03, 2016

Medieval shopping

People who know me, understand that I think shop is four letter obscenity.

When I do buy something I want it to at least one of three things and two or three are even better.

1. Beautiful
2. Useful
3. Have a memory.

We found all three on our way south.

Rick had decided to try a different route to Argelès with a stop in Thiers. His research showed that the town had been the center of knife (kitchen and pocket) for the last six centuries.

We arrived and followed the signs to Chazeau Honoré.

The young man who was behind the counter gave us the history of the firm which goes back to the 1800s and his family have always been the owners. He gave us a bit of the history of the area as well.

Thiers's seven factories, all artisinal, make 70% of the knives sold in France.

We had little use for the swords with deer or the boar heads, thus he showed us steak knives. Since our knives are almost useless against any meat, it was a no brainer. The purchase meet my three criteria. So much more pleasant than going into a store to buy something. 

I thought of it dipping into Medieval shopping.

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