Monday, March 27, 2017

fly swatter(s)

The fly swatter moral of clutter
When we were cleaning out under the sink we found two fly swatters. Rick wanted to keep them both.

1. He has a 99% kill ratio of flies with his hands.
2. If it's a wasp or bee than use a magazine or newspaper if you can't swipe them outside.

I wanted to throw out both. He wanted to keep both and finally said, "I'll take it to the nest."


The nest is the studio two doors down where I lived for many years before marrying Rick. Is 18 square meters.

My goal was to only have things in it that were useful, beautiful or sentimental. My other goal was to make it possible for my daughter to divest herself of all my possessions, waiting, of course, until I died, in one morning. Paper work will take her much longer.

Thus I had five paper clips (all I ever needed) in animal shapes. I never needed them all but they amused me so I kept the extra three.

My dustpan was painted by an artist so every time I swept the floor, I could admire the color and design making cleaning a little less drudgery.

No need for an ironing board. The barrier between the kitchen and dining area with a towel served as well. Just the right height. One less thing to own and store.

I had everything I needed and no extra.

Well, maybe a little extra. I collected unusual pens (5) like the engraved silver one with a green plume below. I kept two regular felt tips one in my purse and one in my desk. One pencil. One pencil sharpener. No more.

And there is still a coat and jacket that can be gotten rid of hanging in the armoire.

I love my husband dearly but he had a tendency to put things in the nest like an attic.

The nest was too small for the two of us. We rent a flat two doors down that is much larger but it came furnished. We bought all the furniture (it has to do with French rental laws) and much of the stuff we don't need. I want to go thru the flat and touch each item with a stay or go verdict. Hopefully more go. And then get the nest back to its earlier freedom from clutter.

And I am happy to keep one fly swatter downstairs. None in the nest. I didn't need one int he 20 odd years I used the nest, it probably won't be needed now. If the one downstairs doesn't get used by Sept. it is going out even if it is a nice color.

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