Friday, March 31, 2017

lost dog

He was Benji-cute and lay on the floor in front the bank's receptionist desk. I thought he was with the woman who was talking with the receptionist.

As we sat nearby waiting for our bank manager, the pup came up to us. The woman, who I thought was the owner, left.

The receptionist came over and checked the dog's license. He had wandered in, she said.

Rick and I so want a dog. We travel too much but we still dream of one (never at 10 at night when its raining).

We check rescue sites. I would love another chin. He would be happy with a Cavalier King Charles. The two breeds are from the same ancestor.

I certainly wouldn't have minded that pooch.

Another customer offered to take him to the place where the owner could be contacted.

He followed the customer out, tail wagging confident that all would be well. I hope he was right.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

You know we would have taken this dog in!