Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Something is wonderful about French marchés, when vendors set up their merchandise outside. Areglès marchés are Wednesday and Saturday mornings and are spread over three streets, a square and the church court.

Everything imaginable is for sale from clothing, pocketbooks, makeup, jewelry to flowers, cheeses, fish, meat, seasonable vegetables. There are local dishes ready to reheat for lunch.

We get to know the vendors such as the spice man...I love the idea of having a spice man.

Or there's Catherine, the brownie lady, who makes the second best brownies in the world. My former housemate makes the best.

And the sausage and cheese vendors, never mind Joël, the olive dealer, who could win a gold medal for flirting along with his wide selection of olives and tapenades.

There is Nadia, who sings in the gospel choir, with her funky clothing. More than once I given in to a fun outfit.

I can't forget the goat cheese from the goat farm. The cheese they make with nettles is especially good. We take visitors, especially children, to the farm.

The marchés are set up by several cafés and tea rooms. In good weather, sitting outside is great for people watching. On colder days, being inside with purchases in your basket next to you, works just as well with a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

And this is when your friends walk by for a catch up on personal news. Some sit for a minute that melts into a half an hour or more. There are marchés when it is one person and day that ten or more of us gather.

As the church bell strikes noon, the crowd thins out. There is the clatter of racks being folded and stored in trucks.

The street cleaners come by and the marché is a memory until the next one.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Oh I remember your fond stories of the brownie lady! She needs to be in a book. Maybe you could poison her .. Maybe something needs to happen at one of these markets. I can see the wrong bag is put up for sale and oh my... guess what is inside! lol.. Great post!