Friday, March 24, 2017


The French word poubelle sounds so beautiful. It means trash can.

Not so pretty.

When Llara was a teenager, we would make soupe la poubelle Friday nights, which sounded far prettier than garbage soup. It was broth, onions, all the week's leftovers and a touch of cream. Usually it was delicious, but it was never the same twice because the ingredients and quantities were never the same.

I wish we were more organized now to do the same, but we aren't.

We are organized in our garbage however.

In Geneva compose is put into the building's compost bins and picked up. Trash is taken to the various containers which separate bottles, paper, Nespresso type coffee container cups. There is usually a place for donations.

In Argelès, we have compost (brown) and paper/bottle (yellow). The bins are emptied on alternate days.

Big stuff is taken to déchetterrie. Admittance is by residence card, available with proof such as an electrical bill. There it is sorted into minute detail.

With my love of not having anything extra, responsible disposal and donations are easy.

And that's pretty as the sound of the word poubelle---po - belle.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

I have never made or had trashcan soup but it sounds good!Now, we have made trashcan Turkey! Here is the "How To"

The bins in your area are much smaller. I guess we waste more in our country. Great post!