Monday, June 05, 2017


My new project has become an obsession.

For the first time, I'm delving seriously into non-fiction with a book called Coat Hangars and Knitting Needles about abortion in the US prior to 1973.

Today some of the research books I'd ordered arrived. Well they arrived a few days ago at a friend's house, who kindly accepts packages when we are away.
 It does increase chances of getting them, in a country where addresses are considered suggestions.

Every time I open a website for one thing, at least three other leads jump out

I've been thrilled with the interviews I've held and the people willing to talk to me, although many of the people I'd like to talk are gone.

I wake at night and words to put my research into readable form bounce around in my head.

The hardest thing to find is women who had illegal abortions prior to Roe v.Wade.

I'll keep looking.

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