Saturday, June 24, 2017


I was sitting inside a Dassault business jet eating a dark chocolate offered by the attendant, dressed in the black and red sheath that most of the Dassault female employees were wearing at the Paris Air Show.

David, an engineer and weekend pilot, was explaining the features of it and like models, such as a bedroom for the CEO, chairs that turn into beds, a shower.

The seats were leather and screens for wifi and other entertainment were available. Everything a person could want. Likewise, the plane could be adapted to whatever needs the buyer wanted including decor.

"Regardez, par la fenĂȘtre!" the attendant cried.

We did.

There was the French president, Macron checking out the plane we had looked at a few minutes before. What was astounding was the small security detail and the fact that we had had been allowed anywhere near the area when the head of state was expected.

"Est-ce-que Bridgette est la?" the attendant asked. We saw no sign of his pretty blond wife.

I wouldn't mind Rick getting me one of those planes for my birthday. It would be so much easier to have it parked in Geneva or Perpignan just waiting for our next trip. No security lines. No worry about making the airport on time. A bed to sleep in for our longer hauls.

I am not expecting it though.

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