Tuesday, June 06, 2017


My former housemate did a great blog on her kitchen which caused me to look at mine more closely.

I consider my kitchen the soul of my house. It is where I prepare meals for my husband and where he is has learned to cook. Food is prepared there for guests. Food is a gift to nourish bodies and to say I love you.

We have finally found an arrangement that works for dishes, pots, pans, etc. I have the tools I need to cook what I want to cook.

Then there are things like the 400-year-old beams and the original stones. I am still trying to decide if the half-moon of bricks is from an oven or a door opening years ago.

Sometimes we eat in the dining room or on the patio, but many breakfasts, find us lingering at the kitchen table talking about the day to come, our writing, social plans.

The painting, along with the woman on the other wall, is from the late wife of my former boss. I think of it as a window.

We found an old farm table at one depot vente and the tea cart at another depot vente. Not only do they hold the oven and other appliances, but it I love thinking about who used them before. The the texture of the wood is almost sensual.

As for the baskets underneath...they are for our picnics. All the contents were searched for at vide greniers and considered treasured finds. Our friend Karrie, supplied one of the baskets, which she located at a vide grenier for four Euros. It is perfect with its straps to hold down the dishes and wine glasses.

A Danish artist carved the fish into one of the stones.

I love my kitchen. For me it is perfect.

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