Wednesday, June 28, 2017


"I've got color back," my friend said on the telephone.

This was pure joy for me and even more for her. I call her my Fruit Loop in a bowl of Cherrios friend, taking it from someone else's description. She is one of the most original people I know and most of my friends are very creative in many different ways.

She has been thru an incredible medical journey including recovering from cancer only to need brain surgery six weeks ago. In both cases she grabbed every moment of joy possible which was possible to find without negating the frightening problems she faced.

She is an artist making three-dimensional gift cards that are impossible to throw out. She started a Facebook group called Flying colours where ever week the theme changes and 142 amateur photographers post pictures. Themes have been colours, combination of colours, shadows, metals, furniture...

Her friends were thrilled to hear she came thru her recent surgery unscathed--until shortly after she lost the ability to see anything but shades of grey. Her doctors did not give optimistic odds on her regaining her ability to see colours that she loved.

She faced it like she had faced all her other challenges accepting the fear and determined to make the best of it.

Yesterday she went to run out her door. She thought it was open.

It wasn't.

She hit her head and was knocked to the floor.

When she sat up she saw colour...

We celebrated last night with other friends and pizza and unlimited joy for her.


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