Monday, June 26, 2017


Dear NSA...

It's been a long time since I've written but I figure you've kept track of us without me saying anything.

I was reminded of the long reach of just about everyone in this day and age, when we were visiting friends in Paris.

When we turned on our laptops it registered the address we were at.

They say you can see and hear us through our computers. I suppose my ultimate revenge would be to sing all day long. An ear can only stand so much pain.

Of course we know how much we are exposed to advertisers too. Rick looked at an ad for a Triumph Spitfire and within hours other Spitfire ads were winking at him from the keyboard. What do you think? Should we get one or not?

How about a puppy? A rescue dog? I am sure our conversations about that is getting boring.

In any case because we will be leaving the house without our phones, I wanted to let you know we will be heading to the doctor's around 2 for a normal check up. Sorry there are no cameras in ASM so we will be off grid for a short time.

You can listen in to my phone interview at 6 but if it doesn't take too long, than we'll be heading up to L'Hostalet for something cool afterwards.

If you want to do something else later and take a break, we will probably watch another episode of West Wing Season 3 and dream that Martin Sheen is really our president. Have you noticed that the problems they discussed a decade or so ago are still on the agenda today?

Not sure if we will make love tonight, but we could leave the webcam on if you want to resell photos as wrinkly porn.

Guess that is all for now.

I will try and do better in writing.


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