Sunday, February 10, 2019


It is almost seven years since Rick and I reconnected after 24 years. A coupe de foudre changed a former professional relationship into a love match.

Maybe it is maturity that allows us to accept, usually with anything from a giggle to a guffaw, these differences.

This morning I read his blog and burst out laughing.

Where he mentions not hearing what I say when he is involved in something else, I've learned to double check. It is not quite so bad that I need to get him to sign a paper saying he heard, read and understood my message. Yet.

He is a just-in-time writer.

I, on the other hand, am an obsessive planner. I don't get out of (or maybe even in) bed until I know what I am going to wear. Usually, I know the next ten things I am going to do, although rarely do they happen in order. It is probably a saving grace I can adjust and readjust.

I am also a systems person (except my closet). In some cases, Rick sees that as a good thing.

In others?

He suggests a better way (most often he's) right.

The English phrase "Taking the Mickey out" translates as making sure someone doesn't take themselves too seriously.

The fact that we both wrote blogs on the subject means not only do we take the Mickey out of each other, but ourselves. We have more important and loving things to do, to argue about our quirks.

Eye rolling and head shaking are still allowed.

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