Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Money Room

My husband leaves before I am awake for his French class.

Two days ago when I went to take a shower, a 100 CHF note was on the floor. I stuck it in my wallet and was going to mention it, but forgot.

One day ago, same French class departure, same need for shower, new 100 CHF note on the floor. This time I put it on his computer and explained when he asked. He wasn't sure how it got there. Maybe fell out of his pocket?

Today, same French class departure, same need for shower. No new 100 CHF note, but a 20 CHF note.



1. He had less money in his pocket.
2. He was teasing me (we kid around a lot on all sorts of things)
3. The bathroom makes money.

Although 2 would be good, I like number 3.

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