Friday, July 07, 2017

Bug Season

Summer heat is bad enough, but there is another annoyance for July.


I have the misfortune to be delicious to those small flying creatures.

The latest attacks are by things so tiny, they are invisible. I feel the prick and second later I have an itchy bump that wants to grow if not to mountain status, at least to hill-size.

I've given into bug spray. It will never be marketed as a desirable perfume.

The fly that considered me a landing field this morning, didn't consider it a detriment.

Maybe it is climate change that has encouraged these...these...these--words fail me--to flourish. Last summer was the first time I found them in such abundance. It was more in the South of France. When we went back to Geneva, none of them hid in our suitcase although this summer Geneva is hotter than Argel├Ęs.

Hopefully this year will be the same as far as bugs are concerned when we go north later in the month. Meanwhile I will enjoy the rest of the time here among friends and fests and continue with the aroma of Bug Spray No. 5 or should I call it Shalimouche, Fantasia de Flies, Soir de Slap?

I am dreaming of fall.


Maria said...

There are some mosquitos this year that have a special poison. Every one of their bites gets infected. I've never met them before. I wish we had never become acquainted.

Stephanie Gaunt said...

Ugh. Have 3 itchy lumps on the back of my neck as I write.