Friday, July 07, 2017

Slow, slow, slow

I am trying to document the research and writing of Coat Hangars and Knitting Needles about abortion in the US prior to the Roe V. Wade ruling in 1973.

Progress June 5-July7

My progress on researching and writing is/was much slower than I want it to be part of which is m own fault.

One reason was simple…my husband and I went to the Paris Air Show and spent time with friends we do not see enough of. Also, once we were home, summer friends return to Argelès-sur-mer and time with them is precious. This is not a complaint. I could say no, but people are too important to ignore.

Another reason is that whatever I find, there are at least five more leads, which meant I had to change my method of working to prevent being totally fractured. Now, whenever I find a new road to explore I put it on my ever-expanding list. Then I concentrate on one subject to get create a passable draft. As a result I have five chapters in my draft file ready to be polished and arranged.

However, there are still 19 other topics and/or people to research.

I have to concentrate on what I’ve accomplished rather than think of all the things I need to do.

Unlike when I write fiction, I don’t start at the beginning and write thru to the end. I work in bits and pieces.

My Timetable has 11 pages: my stats three. These two parts, alone took me also two weeks to accomplish.

I’ve completed draft chapters on the films Leona’s Sister Gerri and Motherless There are three others that I have found to watch and report on.

The format will probably be…notice the word probably:
  • ·       Introduction
  • ·       History of Abortions
  • ·       Method of Abortions
  • ·       Chapters on Films about Abortions
  • ·       Chapters on Abortionists
  • ·       Case Histories
  • ·       Jane Roe (BBC interview with Tim Sebastian)
  • ·       Those who fought for the right of abortion
  • ·       Bill Baird
  • ·       Clergy Council
  • ·       Timeline
  • ·       Stats
  • ·       Summary 
My bookcover designer, who has done such a great job on my fiction, has offered to design the cover without charge because she doesn’t often get a chance to do some good. This is wonderful.

I think I’ve found the quote for the back cover.

“The legalization of abortion had almost no effect on the level of abortions. The way you can determine it is to go to any World Almanac in your library and graph the number of deliveries in the U.S. between the 50s and 80s and you will find a fairly steady line. In the early 70s after Roe v. Wade, we were doing between one and 1.24 million abortions a year. It (Roe v. Wade) didn’t affect the number of deliveries. No woman goes out to get pregnant for kicks of having an abortion which is far too expensive physically, financially and emotionally. There was a marked drop in maternal mortality. (after abortion was legal).” Dr. Louis Gerstley, Chief at Philadelphia General Hospital 1956-1976. Dr. Gerstley treated hundreds of women who had botched abortions.

This weekend my husband and I are planning to explore Rennes-Le-Château. I will work around it. Car rides are good for thinking.

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