Sunday, July 23, 2017

The book

Week of July 17th
I’m still undecided how to present Norma McCorvey/Jane Roe in my work-in-progress Coat Hangars and Knitting Needles. For three days I worked on the Hardtalk, Tim Sebastian interview. I had created an almost word-for-word transcript but because this creative non-fiction, I needed to add my reactions, including Sebastian’s atypical kindness to McCorvey.

There are many other videos on the internet featuring McCorvey. Since this isn’t an academic book, I wonder how many I should use. I am leading toward one of the sections being “The Quest for the Real Jane Roe” or something like that.

I’ve moved onto a Nightline story. I will never like the listening and relistening, the watching and rewatching, but accuracy is important.

I know next week will not be productive as we are going on holiday to celebrate my birthday and then home to Geneva where we have bills, appointments and people we want to see, not to mention celebrating the Swiss National Day. 

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