Sunday, July 09, 2017


I am, and have been for the better part of my life a saver. I save up for big items rather than charge them. The only regular debt I've ever had are cars and mortgages, and I bought my last two pieces of property for cash.

The one time I was in debt was because of my mother's final illness.

I paid for my Masters Degree at Glamorgan in Wales with 5 Swiss Franc pieces I had saved. Granted the tuition was low but there were the flights back and forth from Switzerland added up. Easy Jet became a low cost airline right after I received my degree.

When I saw the piggy bank at Aux Bonnes Affaires I suggested to Rick we buy it. We asked the man if we had to break it to get the money out. He showed us the opening and said that we must promise NOT to break it, or he wouldn't sell it to us. We promised.

When we came back from shopping we would throw leftover change in it. Rick did smaller pieces...If I had several one or two Euro pieces I would add those. I cannot tell you how long it took us to fill it because we spend so much time in Geneva. I'd estimate about 10-12 months.

We used change when we shopped. Merchants here are always crying for it.

We spent most of one afternoon counting the money. The total 973 euros ($1,109 or £861).

One of the merchants has bought the change and the rest is in the bank for something we need or want.

Money isn't just to save or to buy things one needs. It also can be used for pleasure or sharing with others less fortunate.
I wonder if there is a squirrel-savers award?

Note: Pig photo by Rick Adams

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