Saturday, July 01, 2017


William Leymergie, age 70, has retired from France2's Télémartin as host and producer, after a long and distinguished career.

When I was in the Nest (my studio in southern France) I would flip it on every morning. It was of the same ilk as America's Today Show, only better. It had news, weather, of course, but different presenters would have reports and clips about all aspects of French culture, and I learned about Paris exhibitions, a special chocolatier in Lyon and tons of other bits of information I would have otherwise missed.

I did try and catch it Saturday mornings before the marché for their It's the World feature, where four reporters would speak on why things were done a certain way in their respective beats. C'est le Monde might show habits on breakfast, camping, medicine, four different countries. The one on breakfast in Canada, Italy, Spain and France only made me hungrier since we hadn't eaten our breakfast when the program was on. We ended up that day ordering an English breakfast at our favorite French tea room around the corner.

I'll admit I've watched it less not just because I have an anglophone husband. We seem to stay in bed later with tea, reading to ourselves and each other.

Also, what always made watching a bit difficult was William always talked over his presenters. My French is not so wonderful that I could separate what he said over what the presenter said. When he was on holiday, it was far more enjoyable.

It must be hard for him, when he spent 32 years with the show, to let go. I hope he will be happy in whatever he does. Just because he annoyed me, doesn't mean he wasn't good at what he did.

I am curious what a new host and producer will bring.

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