Wednesday, July 19, 2017


You can have your Sudoku. I have my Cryptoquotes.

Back in the 70s, in my first professional job, Chris, another member of our team and I would do the Cryptoquote in the Boston Traveler during a break.

For years now my daughter has sent me cryptoquote puzzle books that I keep in the bathroom. Her latest has over 300 and today I finished the 78th. This particular one gives three hints, although I solve many without help.

Some are easy. If they give a writer of the saying names like George or William are easy to guess. Anything with "it is," "that," a single letter, or like the "dbc'ee" in the sample above, I am on my way.

There are also cryptoquotes on line which have the advantage that you don't have to erase or write over your mistakes.

They say puzzles delay dementia. Doesn't matter. I do this for fun.

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