Saturday, August 05, 2017

last Saturday on the grid

"What do you think...?"
When my husband starts any sentence the next words will be interesting.

We were eating breakfast on a terrace in the view of the castle residence of the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein.

The night before we'd been in Austria sleeping in a bubble on a roof top.

We'd eaten with the family and had a wonderful conversation filled with laughter and understanding even though we were multi-national (Swiss, American, Austrian and Scottish).

By the time we climbed into the bubble and tried to check email, the WiFi wasn't working. There were no bars on Rick's smart phone. I only have a dumb phone and seldom know where it is.

The next morning we said our good byes and went on to our Liechtenstein hotel when we reconnected with the world.

"Oh my God, the Mooch was fired." We almost said this simultaneously. "We've only been out of touch 24 hours."

I should explain, we do not use our cell phones t hat much because of the thick walls where we live in Geneva and Argelès.  We are constantly on the internet for pleasure, business and writing. We are news junkies, checking either on the internet, television stations and newspapers from all over the world. And then there is Facebook where we follow new and old friends, participate in a photographic group, deal with FATCA issues and more.

"What do I think about what?" I asked. I finished my pear juice.

"Going off grid a day a week?" he said.


Then I thought about it. It sounded peaceful. "Okay."

So we set up some rules.

Off grid is:
  • No television
  • No internet
  • Our landline can stay on.
  • Midnight Friday night to Midnight Saturday night. This was chosen because Saturday we have the marché where we meet up with friends for coffee, followed by a lunch usually purchased on the marché.
  • We can use the laptop for writing.
  • No smart or dumb phones 
  • It's okay to set the alarm for midnight Saturday, but better not to.
Next Saturday when we are back in Argelès from Geneva will be the first time.

Our last Saturday on grid. 

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