Friday, August 25, 2017

Otis ate Normandy

Not only do our summer friends arrive from many countries, they bring their dogs with them to Argelès-sur-mer.

One of our favorite couples have traveled with Roscoe, a cute bundle of fluff with an easy-going disposition. 

He is great friends with Rossi, another summer dog who lives with another favorite couple.

This year however, Roscoe has a step-brother, a cocker spaniel puppy, named Otis. He is beautiful copper color, although his adult coat has yet to come in.

Otis is a bit on the rambunctious side. He is the first of the three to nose my pocketbook for the doggie treats I usually carry.

After he dismembered one of Rossi's toys, he gained the nickname Otis Shredding.

As usual during the summer there are get togethers at various homes. One included children and there was a wooden puzzle with big colored pieces of the departments of France for them to play with.

The party was great, everyone enjoyed the food and sangria, but it was reported the next day that sometime during the night, Otis ate Normandy.

We suspect next summer Otis will be calmer as he matures. If not there are many other departments to tickle his taste buds.

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