Thursday, August 31, 2017


It is a different way of doing things.

Rick needed an MRI or Er E M as they call it in France. He's fine.

Before he was to get the Er E M he needed a shot, but the shot had to be bought from the pharmacy and then taken to the radiology center. The pharmacy needed to call the radiology center to get the information..

Because he didn't have an "ordance" or prescription, rather than have him pay for it (had we been on the French health system it would have been almost free), the pharmacist said get the ordance when we had the Er E M.

We did.

Today we walked in handed over the ordance and paid.

The pharmacist printed out the brown and white form that is used everywhere in France for all medical things, stapled it to the ordance and handed it to us for our Swiss insurance. He still hasn't reached his deductible but just in case he does in the last four months of the year, it will be a very,very, very small percentage of what it would cost in the U.S. As he said, in the U.S. he wouldn't have done it.

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