Thursday, August 03, 2017

The bubble

"Look at this," Rick said. He was planning Part III of our four-part honeymoon visiting the four European principalities. We'd already done Andorra and Monaco. Now it was time for Liechtenstein.

I went to his computer. It was a BnB that was in a bubble.

"Let's do it," I said.

"Even though it's in Austria?" he asked. I nodded.

The drive thru the Austrian Alps, was full of ohh and ahhhhhh moments. Despite getting lost, we arrived to find champagne waiting for us. Rick had mentioned honeymoon, so this was a special and thoughtful treat.

We climbed up the stairs to the bubble which has a double entry to keep it inflated.

Inside the two beds were beautifully made up. Conveniences like tea and coffee making equipment, a tiny fridge were available. Yes, it was tiny, but we had all we needed.

In fact we had more than we needed.

The host, hostess and their daughters were charming. Although this isn't typical we ended up eating with them, their youngest having made a Thai meal for her visiting older sister and there was a surplus of food. We met the family pets although Blackie preferred to wander off.

One in bed, we could see the stars. Sunset was beautiful and in the morning, we watched the trees dance in the wind before going down to breakfast.

Our host said when there is snow, it is like being in an igloo, although a bit warmer.

We hadn't expected breakfast but in the morning we came downstairs to find a table with just about everything one could want. And there were the little touch, like a decorated strawberry and a mint leaf on the sweet butter.

Then it was time to go onto Liechtenstein. The next night we were in a four-star hotel, that was wonderful, but nothing will ever be as special as this truly unique experience with these creative people.

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