Monday, August 21, 2017

West Wing

Living overseas there are American television series I've missed seeing such as Northern Exposure which never made it over. Although many of the detective shows are shown on French TV and are dubbed or in vo (version original). West Wing was not one of the series to cross the Atlantic.

Over a decade ago, when I was visiting in Boston, my host and I made it a point to watch West Wing which was run nightly on a cable station. I loved it.

A few years back I found season 5 at the American Library Book Sale in Geneva but never got around to watching it until this year.

Rick and I often opt for DVDs or Netflix at night. We watched them back-to-back and then ordered the complete series and started from the beginning. We are now within two episodes of the end.

We both came to the same conclusion.

The issues haven't changed at all since the series were made: health care, tax reform, etc.

If anything politics are more horrible now with the politicians thinking of party over people much more of the time..

What I would give for Jeb to be my president and CJ the press secretary.

Following the campaign with Vinick (Alan Alda) and Santos (Jimmy Smits) I would like either to be my president because they did several things that were right when it would have been easier to lie.

How sad that the most decent American politicians seem to be are the ones Hollywood creates. 

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Maria said...

That's funny. Northern Exposure made it to Spain. It was called Doctor en Alaska.