Saturday, April 21, 2018

Champagne glasses

As a minimalist I do not need three sets of champagne glasses. I have one in the Nest, one in the Warren. But I did own a third set.

The glasses in the photo did meet all three of my requirements to own something.
1. Useful
2. Beautiful
3. Has a memory

Useful and beautiful are evident. The set in the photo also had a memory.

That memory was a rainy day outside Grass above Nice tramping around with RB2, the man I describe as the brother I always wanted. We saw them in a shop and I caved.

When I used them I filled the vase with flowers. It is festive, but it is still a third set.

I put a notice on a Facebook to anyone who if anyone in the area wanted them. An English friend typed back "me" and I happily relinquished them to a good home. I must remember the next time we are all here in ASM to take a bottle of champagne to her place for a visit.