Friday, April 20, 2018


Rick's Facebook message said he was on this continent again and would be flying from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Toulouse then would do the 2.5 hour drive to ASM.

It has been an interesting week.

I often say I loved being single for the 41 years I was. I was more than content to have gentlemen friends but let's not do anything silly like live together. Thus when I produced this man my friends were shocked that I readily married him. He took a great life that I had and made it ever better.

Because we are both writers and we both work out of homes in Geneva and Argel├Ęs-sur-mer we are constantly together. My late anthropologist friend said couples shouldn't and can't do well in "each other's pocket."

Rick needed to go to Florida on business. Although I could have gone, I feel about Florida like I feel about shopping. Don't do it.

I was looking forward to a week alone. I was going to get some writing done, eat the things he doesn't like, leave the sink pristing 100% of the time, walk the dog etc.

Things didn't go quite the way I planned. The TV and internet went out. Almost a week later, they are still out, although I've done whatever needed to be done.

The dog was sick (he's alright now).

I am happy to know that I can enjoy alone time. I am happy to know I can solve problems that we usually would solve together. I also know that I much prefer doing things with him. And I definitely do not want, for the times we are separated, that we are out of communication.

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