Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Off grid, BIG TIME!

Unexpected Sunday. The original goal was to watch some of the Sunday shows, read write and research on the internet. It didn't work out.

Here's what happened.

7:00 Walk Sherlock

7:30 back to bed and read The New Yorker

9:15 Up and make toast, shower and put on the TV. It isn’t working. I do everything they tell me to but nothing works. Almost like Scarlett, I’ll think of it later.

11:00 Walk to C’s and along with Sherlock we walk through the lotissements and check out their development. The path is full of puddles from the days of rain. Sherlock decides to jump in the creek next to the path and splashes happily.

12:00 We stop at Mille et Une for a cup of tea. We start sitting in the sun, but it is too hot, for the first time this year. I have the almond that they just introduced me to. Falco, the owners’ dog, is disappointed that I have none of the usual biscuits for her.

R. walks by. He is the young teenager, I would love to adopt and have missed him since his mother moved. He hugs me and then picks up Sherlock. He will be here during his school vacation. It is good to see that he is okay. I worry about him.

12:15 C takes the champagne glasses I want to go to a good home. After realizing that the TV, internet and phone all have problems, I walk to L’s. She is French, and hopefully will understand what I have missed.

For the next four hours we try just about everything imaginable including calling for help. Thank goodness L did it. I can get confused by technology, more so by French explanations never mind speed speaking. The person on the phone has a heavy accent plus mumbles. I am gratified that L has to keep asking for repetitions. It isn't just me.

We are told they have increased our power. The situation is complicated that my Swiss phone is almost out of money and our new landline needs to be reset so calls do not go directly to message. With Rick away, I have no idea where the instruction book is, Of course, the phone isn’t working anyway.

Finally, we are told, the problem has been sent to their experts and hopefully by Monday it might be fixed. If not, a technician will have to come to his house. Complicated communications are arranged. 

I know I can go to my studio for internet access Monday.

I give L the last piece of cinnamon gum as a thank you. We will find more for her when we are Geneva.

17:00 Realize, I haven’t had lunch and cook fresh peas, swiss chard and potatoes.

17:30 Feed Sherlock and take him for a walk and come home to settle in for the night with a good book…always a good book.

Although we go off grid one day a week, this is totally off grid. No way to go back on. I suppose I could go up to the studio, but I’m lazy.

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