Saturday, April 28, 2018

Shopping Hell

Compared to those that are having bombs dropped on them, having to spend 2.5 hours in a shopping mall isn't awful.

I still consider the 2.5 hours I spent in one yesterday, stolen from my life. We went to buy smart phones which we needed after having continental and connectivity problems last week.

I did my usual shopping mall coping strategy.

1. Go straight to the store where the item I need to buy is located.
2. Don't look right.
3. Don't look left.
4. Pretend I'm somewhere else

Did I mention I hate shopping and am shopping phobic?

All that stuff. That awful stuff!

If I don't fight it, I imagine it coming out of the stores and smothering me. Worse, it might come home with me to clutter and destroy whatever simple harmony I've established.

I will say the SFR customer service woman was helpful.

And one good thing did happen. As we were leaving I saw a chair that was also a book exchange and had a nice chat with the woman sitting there.

There was a story I told my husband years ago when we first met about two little boys in a barn full of horse shit. One wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. The other was all excited because he thought with all that horse shit there had to be a pony in there somewhere. I was like a third little boy. I wanted to escape the horse shit of being there, but I could appreciate the pony.

One good thing came out of it. My husband is happy with our new phones.


Ellen said...

I feel your shopping pain.
I no longer get my phone from my service provider. They tie you into a two year contract and the after sales service is no better than from any other sales outlet.
My current phone, which I bought more than a year ago, is a WIKO FEVER. It was just before my trip to the US and this phone has dual SIM slots, so I could keep my SFR SIM card in it and add a Tracfone card for when I was in the States and not have to deal with two phones or transferring cards and risk losing one. I'm very happy with this phone. It cost well under €200 and when my husband bought the same phone a few months after me, it was even less. I think what convinced me was when I asked the sales guy at FNAC if the phone had enough memory (or some similar kind of question) he pulled his out of his pocket. I figured if he had that phone, with all the choices, it couldn't be bad.

Miss Footloose said...

I'm always delighted to find someone else who hates shopping malls, and shopping. I find myself in malls only a very few times a year, mostly when in the US (because it's easier and faster for me then shopping in a foreign country)-- when I make a clothes run for either summer or winter. Having lived in a number of third-world countries seeing poverty close up, all this stuff, stuff, stuff, often seems obscene. Then again, I do get seduced at times, because, well, some stuff it lovely ;)