Monday, April 30, 2018

Non Luddite

I have resisted a smart phone for years. I have a dumb phone that I usually have to search for if I need it which might be every few weeks.

I am not crazy about landlines either.

I DO NOT LIKE PHONES. They interrupt me.

Don't think that I'm anti-social. I will talk to anyone, anywhere, invite them places, etc.

I AM NOT ANTI-TECH! My laptop begs for a break from me being on it. I use various social media.

I see the advantage of a smart phone in emergencies, access to internet, email, bar codes for tickets, etc. The latter is only with a paper copy back up because systems can go down and I do want to have paid $1000+ for an airline ticket only to have the system crash and I can't prove I have a ticket.

I can see having the camera might be good when I've forgotten mine, although there's a greater chance of forgetting the phone.

I do want to be in contact with the world 24/7. Full stop.

If I am with other humans I want to talk with them not watch them work their phones. If the world were to end, I'd discover it without being on my phone. And the news through my many national and international sources keeps me apprised of all the activities of our scum bag leaders. When I am out of the house, I can forget they exist. I like that. It gives me time to see the world around me.

Slowly I'm learning how to use the phone. I accidentally called my former housemate. Nice chatting with her while she's in Italy and I'm in France. We had a chuckle over the whole phone thing.

I do not intend to give the number to many people. They can email me. And I've told friends if they see me using the phone when I am with them, they should slap me hard.

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