Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm a sock thief

My name is Donna-Lane and I'm a sock thief.

It started when I lived on Wigglesworth Street in Boston. B's socks were better than mine. Also he pinned them before putting them in the wash so the sock monster wouldn't eat one during washing. Made them a lot easier to steal, because not only am I a sock thief, I'm a lazy sock thief.

I started pinning mine to keep them together through washing and in the drawer. I always left the pins in while I wore them so I wouldn't have to look for something to hold them together when I took them off each night.  

However, my housemate didn't like that sometimes the pins would come loose so she bought me a set of plastic sock holders for Christmas. They are pretty and easy to use, which I will do happily to keep her happy. At least I didn't have to go into a store (or worse more than one) to buy the holders.

In Argel├Ęs I will continue to pin mine.

I bought pins for Rick so his socks would stay to together, but I've decided there are sockpin people and non sockpin people. I'm the first category, he's in the latter.

My sock drawer has only matching pairs fastened together. His has none floating around in a sock quagmire.

Now, just maybe, he doesn't pin to prevent his socks from being stolen. Before our commitment ceremony, he and my daughter had a heart-to-heart with her telling him what to expect from me (and what to avoid). She warned him about my sock-theft addiction for his own good, she said.

Meanwhile, I've bought new socks, but I was out of safety pins. He gave me the ones I'd bought for his socks.

Still I do see he also has some nice new socks, that I have my eye on. If only I can find a pair.

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