Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sarko and me

I know I have vivid dreams, but to dream about the former French president Nicholas Sarkozy?

I was travelling and I received a love letter from him. There was a second, hidden in a book, that he left in a ladies room for me. It was on white-lined paper and several pages long. I had it in my hand, but whenever I tried to read it his wife came up, not Carla Bruni but a blond dressed in Disney Cinderella style.

I never did find out what was in the letter.

As for Rick when I told him there was a new man interested in me, he just shook his head. Then this morning he had that bad boy look in his eye. "If you hadn't been sleeping so peacefully last night, I would have whispered in your ear, "It's me Darling, Niko."

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