Wednesday, November 09, 2016

5 weeks

We (my husband and I) have been traveling a little more than five weeks. We’ve been in:
  • Boston
  • Montreal
  • Endicott NY
  • Long Island
  • Berlin
  • Prague
Seeing my daughter and Rick’s family 

Family is everything and being separated by an ocean is the price of my chosen life. The distance makes time with them more precious.

Seeing friends 
People whom I would love to see more of but the geographical divide makes it impossible. I repeat, it makes time with them more precious.

And it was so much more 

Eating the very last of corn on the cob of the season. European corn is a poor second to fresh off the stalk.

Having American cider and fresh baked donuts in Upstate New York

Showing Rick part of his country’s history in Lexington and Salem.

A spontaneous reading of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere with a good friend at the Lexington battle ground. We alternated stanzas.

Visiting with a good friend on Long Island and creating more memories.

Visiting Teddy Roosevelt’s home.

Flying upstairs in the Airbus 380. Loved that we had an extra storage space against the wall.

Meeting many of Rick’s professional contacts in Berlin.

Attending sessions and an exhibition in Berlin. I love putting my toe nail back into the workplace. Toe nail not whole toe.

Going to a German beer hall bringing up good memories for when I lived in Stuttgart. Eating ein paar Wurst and hot potato salad along with a dark beer. I used to love ordering a Dunkel Dinkellacker for the way the words rolled of my tongue. The band in Lederhosen and Dirdnls, however, played mostly pop music with a couple of join-arms-and-sway-left and right numbers.

German hotel breakfasts.

Visiting the castle and its in-depth overview of Czech history.

Having more museums than we could possibly see to choose from

Discovering the beautiful old buildings in Prague.

Finding the level of English in Prague.

Sleeping at friends and having both a modern chain hotel with a suite and a 14th century four-star hotel with the original beams.

Arriving back in Geneva.

Two nights ago I slept under my duvet. Outside it was a cool November night it was cozy. I fell asleep to good memories.  


I am so lucky that travel or home are not an either/or, I can have both.

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