Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Travelled out

The teddy bear suitcase is easy to identify coming off a carousel
and it has seen lots of carousels. 
The design makes a husband not want to borrow it.

Deep in my mother's psyche was the belief if you went two towns away from Reading, MA you fell off the edge of the earth. Even Boston, 12 miles away, was out of the question.

I fantasized about travel from the day I knew what it was.

As an adult I've lived in Germany, France and Switzerland where I am now a citizen. I've traveled to many other parts of the US, Europe and to the Middle East.

My passion is history, and poking around places I've read about feeds that passion. I've asked that, instead of a party for my 75th birthday, we visit the abbey where Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart are buried. It will be like meeting them personally.

Last year travel, because of chemo, was house to hospital treatments.

This fall we started a marathon travel itinerary business and personal.
  • Boston
  • Montreal
  • Up State NY
  • Long Island
  • Geneva (home base)
  • Argeles-sur-mer France
  • Berlin
  • Prague
  • Paris 
Rick also had business trips to Paris, Bordeaux and Valencia. He is going to Dallas next month.

He posts photos of beds he has slept in on personal and business travel. He is up to 18 down from 30 the year before I had cancer where we both stayed home.

This weekend my friend and I are going on one of adventures to Germany

I've loved everyone and everything I've seen. I will love this weekend.

None of the above is a complaint. I have been lucky to do it all, but I am traveled out.

I want to be in my home, with my own things, and a trip means a walk to the local boulangerie for fresh baked bread or taking the 75 steps to the movie theatre.  I want to write on my desk and not have to ask for a WiFi code. I want my clothes in one place.

Time to decorate for Christmas, bake cookies to put in my cookie jar. 

Time to settle in and write, write, write.

As I said, I'm traveled out. I am zeroing in on my inner homebodyness.

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